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A story of sustainability

When guests stay at the Barn they discover a property converted by its owners and hosts, Ian & Casie, from a former, ancient agricultural building to a modern residential dwelling completed to a high environmental standard. This standard pertains to more than just the fabric of the building, as Ian and Casie aim to make every guest’s B&B experience as ecologically sensitive and complete as they can.


The Barn is modern, comfortable and stylish. Its construction has addressed key sustainability considerations at every step in its restoration process and use of materials.  It is a thermally efficient structure, utilising natural insulation material throughout. It is as airtight as a restored old Barn could be with a mechanically ventilated heat recovery system producing a continual flow of fresh air. It has a constant ambient environment enabled by an air source heat pump-powered under floor heating system. It is economical in its utilisation of energy, making exclusive use of low energy LED lighting. Altogether the Barn projects an unmistakably welcoming and benign aura.

The Barn’s strength lies in the structural, insulated shell that envelops the beautifully restored elm and oak frame that is visible and tangible in its entirety throughout the interior. The modernity lies in clever yet sympathetic blending of glass, steel, wood, brick and stone to create a building that is comfortable and stylish while still acknowledging its history and primary industry roots.


The hosts’ commitment to environmental sensitivity extends to the land surrounding the Barn, too. In the three surrounding acres Ian and Casie have so far planted twenty mature young trees to complement the established oak-dominated woodland that sits to the west and south of the Barns. There is in addition an acre of perennial wildflower meadow and annual wildflower banks for guests to enjoy.


The building itself and its surrounding parkland are only part of the sustainability story. Most guests will remain unaware that: the electricity they use comes from purely renewable generation sources; the ambient living environment is balanced by the energy-efficient mechanically ventilated heat recovery system and that invisible heat pump-powered under floor heating system; the instant hot water they enjoy in their bathrooms comes courtesy of an energy-sparing secondary circulation system; and, the cleanliness of their rooms, linen and towels depends wholly on the application of ecologically sensitive cleaning and laundry materials.


Where possible and practical, the hosts source the provision of breakfast foodstuff from regional produce to minimise food miles. Of all the sustainability-supportive activities this remains the biggest challenge. It is a work-in-progress that Ian and Casie are addressing while catering to the dietary requirements and expectations of their diverse guests.

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